What the Lessons of Time Can Teach Us

September 09, 2020

Financial markets are volatile…it’s the nature of the beast when so many dollars, traders, brokers and investors are involved. And if you’ve been out of the market, you’ve missed some huge growth opportunities. But we’ve all heard that time-tested adage, “what goes up must come down.” What happens when those tall peaks turn into deep wells? It’s more than a graph of market movements….it’s also your money.

Take a look at this brochure from Legg Mason, Learning From the Lessons of Time, which contains data about market ups and downs over the past 35 years, as well as some of the world events that contributed to them. As you’ll see, data doesn’t lie…and staying invested tends to generate better outcomes than cashing out or trying to play market swings.

It can be tempting to succumb to emotion and fears of a market tank, especially when the market shifts unpredictably. But that’s why we’re working together to secure your financial future: through sophisticated modeling, advanced technology, expert market resources and a wealth of experience, we have access to strategies proven to help mitigate the impact. The market never stops moving, so let’s make a point to connect soon.